Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday Life

Life feels like work and play interrupted by showers.

I spent most of my morning doing homework and using the restroom. I worked on my Piaget essay and my oral history transcript and my interview profile and my Spanish Conference project. 

I am a busy young man. 

Eventually it got to me and I changed into my party pants, went to dinner, and went to Reisinger to watch Beau Sia. 

I've seen Beau Sia before on Def Poetry Jam. He is a famous slam poet. He walked in wearing purple tye-dye whitewash jeans and sun glasses. He wasn't smiling, and he didn't move much. 

Because here's the deal: He was in a car accident.

Beau Sia got severe whiplash from the whole ordeal that messed up his brain stem. He has to wear sunglasses because he was sensitive to light. And he wore earplugs because he was sensitive to sound. And he did not move very much. 

For those of you who know Beau, he is known for doing back-flips and other intense movement during his poems. But today, he performed a set of poems he wrote after the accident that did not require movement. 

And amazingly, he was still able to wow the crowd. My jaw dropped. He was astounding. 

He is now currently one of my favorite poets ever. 

After that, Friday night was sort of a downer (the Fall Equinox Dance sucked pretty badly) but I am looking forward to going to El Museo del Barrio and Momofuku Milk Bar tomorrow. 

I'll keep you posted. 

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