Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Angst - Shirt Problems and More

This morning I decided to wear the white shirt Ohio convinced me to buy at H&M. It was sort of a last resort because most of my clothes were dirty. Plus, this t-shirt was new. Why not?

Our Early Childhood Development class took a tour of the library today. I kept in front of the group so I could hear the librarian more clearly as he explained the secrets of the Esther Raushenbush Library. Near the end of the tour, one of my classmates tapped me on the shoulder.

"You have a price tag on your shirt."

This means everyone saw it during the tour, and no one had the decency of saying anything until it no longer mattered. I ripped it off. $6.25. Thanks for looking out, fellow Sarah Lawrencians.

I was embarrassed and full of angst, so I went on a three mile run on the Broxville River Parkway trail. When I got back I did twenty push ups.

After that I had tennis class, which I royally sucked at. I couldn't get my serve down.

"Try hitting the balls over the net." suggested the instructor.

Then I went to Spanish tutoring. I get the sense my tutor has given up trying to converse with me, so instead of asking me about my day she lets the other guy in the tutoring session talk. When he forgets a word (e.g. how to say "garbage", as in "Connor's Spanish is garbage, isn't it?") she asks me to help him out. This way, I am focusing on single words instead of entire phrases, which I obviously can't handle (garbage = basura. El espaƱol de Connor es basura, no?).

Then I went to dinner and spilled gravy on my new white shirt. I tried hiding the stain with my backpack, but a girl from Georgia commented, "It looks like you're trying to hide a boner." 

 The damage.

The best part of my day, however, was being on top of my Oral History homework. There is a lot of writing due tomorrow, and I started it early, so my day was leisurely. My classmates, on the other hand, came up to me asking what exactly they were supposed to be doing. 

I had a conference with my Oral History teacher today. He had me read my work aloud to him, which was eye opening because I could every part that sucked. He gave me a lot of great advice that I hope to apply to the blog. And of course my future homework assignments. But mostly the blog. 

Early Childhood Center tomorrow. And my Oral History teacher wants me to read to the class my paper on the orgy-blogger.

I'll keep you posted. 

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