Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ultimate Day

Today I went to the Ultimate Frisbee game next to my building. I met some upperclassmen who are REALLY good at the game, and we played for almost two hours. I scored some goals, and I made some friends. A successful day? I think so.

I wrote my name on the sign up sheet to join the Ultimate Frisbee team, known as the "Disc Nuts".

"Who's nuts?"


We will practice twice a week, even in winter, and compete against other schools in spring. And we will kick ass.

I went to the library to check out some assigned reading for my Childhood Development class. "It will be due at three fifteen."

3/15?, I thought. Wow, I have forever.

"Three fifteen today."

I looked at my watch. The book as mine for four hours.

I blazed through the pages I needed to read (p.1-36) and took notes. It was very interesting, and I highly recommend the book (Wally's Stories by Vivian Gussin). A kindergarten teacher decides to write down everything her students say and do. It is fascinating, and you soon realize that Wally is the most creative and different out of all of them. I want to read the whole book, but I didn't have time. I returned it in two hours.

As the sun was setting, I took my Spanish placement test. It took a while, but I scored 43 correct out of 76. Not bad. Ok, it's technically and F, but it proves I know some Spanish. It took a while to finish the test online, and when I was done I was looking for a way to reward myself. So I looked out my dorm room window and saw fire.

A man juggling fire. A mechanical bull. A DJ.

I ran down all three flights of stairs as fast as I could. Then I realized I was dressed for Frisbee, so I ran back up the stairs and dressed for dancing.

It was dark outside but it took a while for the dance pit to warm up. The DJ played songs that were vaguely familiar to me, but at one point he DID play "I'm On a Boat", which makes me respect him more. Lots of girl-oriented music, but I guess that's because the DJ knew his audience. I had a good time though. I danced late until about 11:00pm, when the dance pit started to smell like cigarettes and alcohol. And when the shirts started coming off. The DJ saw that it was getting a little out of hand, so he ended with a Britney Spears song, and then one or two encore songs.

When I came back to Westlands, the kids who didn't go to the dance were singing and dancing along to "Rocky Horror Picture Show", which was playing on someone's laptop.

I am glad they managed to have fun as well.

So today was the ULTIMATE socializing day for me. I joined a sports team and I attended a dance, all of which occurred within 100ft of my dorm. I truly do have prime location on campus.

Tomorrow I interview my potential professors. So now I must sleep.

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