Sunday, August 28, 2011

Storms and Showers

I did not bring toothpaste, soap, or shampoo, which made personal hygiene last night rather difficult. I borrowed some shampoo and face soap from my roommate and I mixed it together in the shower to substitue body wash. I learned later from a friend that you are never supposed to use shampoo on non-head areas of your body or it will mess up your pores. I am hoping one time will not kill/horribly disfigure me.

Heard the storm while I was showering, and afterwards, wearing only a towel, I watched as it whipped trees around outside my dorm window. Thunder, lightning. The three of us slept soundly in our dorm.

The next morning it was kind of windy but calm. We were given the all clear at 11 o'clock, which meant we were free to leave and do whatever we wanted for the day. I had a mission: buy toiletries.

I joined a group of kids from Westlands, my building, on an excursion to the grocery store. We tried going down into Bronxville but the town was flooded.

(Above) That is a car on the freeway.

(Above) This is the main road.

So we turned around and went to the Yonkers shopping center instead, which was uphill and less... wet. We went to a grocery store and I bought shampoo, razors, body wash and face soap. I didn't buy toothpaste because one of my friends said she had an extra tube, but I don't know where she is right now so I am getting worried. I may have to borrow my roommate's toothpaste again, which is a fancy brand called "Rembrandt". "It's expensive, but I figure if I am going to put something in my mouth, it might as well be the best, you know?" Mr. Ohio tells me.

I also bought some Cup O'Noodles, because it was cheap and on sale and everyone else was buying some. Buying ramen is so stereotypical of college students that it makes me cringe, but strangely I am looking forward to christening our currently unused microwave.

When we got back, I looked out my dorm room window and saw a black guy juggling on the front lawn. I ran down the stairs and across the grass to introduce myself. I now have another friend. He is about the same juggling skill level as me, and we spent more than an hour juggling and talking about juggling. He taught me some tricks, I showed him some of mine, and we made a deal that we would go visit Dube (pronounced "doo-BAY) Juggling Store in New York City. It apparently has a hidden entrance so that only jugglers can find the store, and once you're inside you can play with all of the juggling equipment they have on display.

Are you excited yet? I am.

Also, I told my RA that I was into ultimate frisbee, and it turns out he is on the school's ultimate frisbee team! He said they're looking for more players, and I am definitely going to join. I need the PE credit, and the exercise. I'm out of breath by the time I reach my room, which is up three flights of stairs. This will be fixed. Soon.

Tomorrow I meet with my don. For those of you who don't know, my don is one of my teachers, but also a counselor and a mentor. She is a old, frail, charming woman who teaches the Early Childhood Development course, which is my First Year Study course. Everyone in her class met her yesterday, and she had all of us explain why we chose this area of study.

Girl 1: "I chose early childhood development because I am a fiction writer and I am really interested in writing characters from a psychological viewpoint."

Boy 1: "I chose this class because I want to become a doctor. And also I love working with kids."

Don: "And what about you?" (points to me).

Me: "I... um... want to be a great dad... and hopefully this class will help... that."

Everyone laughed. My don smiled and nodded. "I know some great dads." She said. Definitely the weirdest reply that could have been said.

Since the storm has passed, tomorrow is packed with activities, including a sex-ed presentation and a showing of "Water For Elephants". Actually, it's the same event.

That was a joke. Please laugh.

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