Saturday, August 27, 2011

New York! SWAG! SWAG!

First acknowledgement of the fact I was carrying a peacock feather onto a plane.

Flight Attendant: "Don't even try... to tickle me with that thing."

Finished reading Catcher in the Rye by the time we landed in LaGuardia Airport. At the rental car station, I had ANOTHER star sighting: John Lutz from 30 Rock.
This guy. He looked at me nervously when he realized I recognized him. I smiled and didn't say anything. I am a creeper. He quickly left the building to get his rental car.

So now it's two in the morning and we're trying to get some sleep at the hotel before we go to Sarah Lawrence at 11am. I am REALLY excited to move into my new home. According to the local news, I'll need to move in completely before Hurricane Irene hits in the afternoon.

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