Friday, August 26, 2011

Last Day, Part Two

Said my last goodbyes to some of my closest friends. As a going away present, one of my friends gave me a shot glass with my name and the word "Swag" on it. I love it, but I plan on keeping it at home to discourage drinking at college. I am seriously juiced for learning, and I want to have as little distraction as possible.

Lucas and I went out to dinner at Chaya, an Asian Fusion restaurant in San Francisco. We dressed up in our finest (suits with matching ties) and ended up spending over $100 on food. But it was delicious and it was completely worth it. Highlight of the night: the waiter putting a steak knife next to Lucas's plate without him noticing. It blew Lucas's mind.

We spent the rest of the night with friends at San Francisco State University, and came back home at around 1:00 am. I said my goodbyes, which weren't really "goodbyes" but more "I"ll miss you's" because I plan to see most of my friends when I come back for Christmas. Still, it was difficult and sad.

I'm supposed to wake up in four hours to leave for the airport, so I am packing up my suit and my dress shoes as quickly as I can so I can sneak in a couple hours of sleep. This might not happen, but I'll have a long plane ride to catch up on rest.

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