Friday, August 26, 2011

At The Airport

I officially am the weird guy at the airport since I'm carrying a 3 foot long peacock feather. I thought it would be confiscated at the security check-point on the grounds that it was a little "too random", but it went through without hassle.

I am 80% sure I saw Kreayshawn at the Oakland Airport (if you don't know who she is, watch this video and be amazed). I checked online at her website to see if her tour schedule gave her a reason to be at the Oakland Airport today, and apparently she was performing in San Francisco LAST NIGHT. However, she represents Oakland, which would explain why she's here to catch a flight to her next location, Los Angeles.

So it's legit. I probably saw Kreayshawn. She was with two tall black guys who were carrying her bags. Swag.

I have about two hours to kill before the first flight from Oakland to Chicago, so I'm going to wander around the airport terminal and try to balance the peacock feather on my chin.

I am so cool.

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